Setting them off on the right course

Little Darwins Vision and Values

Our Vision Statement

At Little Darwins Nursery we celebrate each child's individuality and sense of self.  Our accessible environment places and importance on the outdoors and natural world around them.  Children have the freedom to be Explorers and Innovators in their own play, challenged by a curriculum that intrigues and fascinates learners.

Our Hygge journey promotes an atmosphere of warmth, belonging and togetherness for all children, families and educators, setting them off on the right course together.

Little Darwins Values

Outdoor Culture

We value the outdoors and the natural world by offering free flow opportunities continuously. It is vital for children’s physical and mental wellbeing that they access the outdoors all year round. The outdoors provides a unique teaching and learning atmosphere in which all characteristics can be promoted. Everyday children will experience the awe and wonder of being outside.


Community Capital

We understand each child is unique with their own diverse background and set of experiences. We use these to build and plan learning opportunities to give them the best possible start.  We create links with the local community so that children can learn about themselves and where they live and visit. Through the Hygge approach children are welcomed into our setting to feel a sense of belonging and are taught about the wider world and those around them. We advocate that all children are given equal experiences to thrive and achieve.

Independent Learners

We teach independence skills to all children to give them the necessary life skills for their next stage and beyond. From Explorers to Innovators, school readiness is valued and is supported through a sequenced and staged approach.  To become independent thinkers and learners, educators provide opportunities for children to share their opinions and be heard. The British values allow children to be involved in decisions that affect their everyday life.

Active Movers

Physical skills are developed and practiced in all that we do, so that children have the opportunities to master their own bodies. We understand the importance of Early writing skills therefor provision and planned activities support both gross and fine motor skills.

We follow the UK Chief Medical Officers' Physical Activity Guidelines for physical activity to ensure that infants under one years of age are physical active throughout the day for at least 30 minutes, this will include Tummy time, reaching and grasping.  Our educational programmes and environment allow children aged between one and four years old to be physically active for at least 180minutes per day.  The outdoor environment and play promote vigorous exercise which is supported by skilled educators.