Meet the Nursery Team


   The Management Team

     Stephanie Mottram - Manager, SENCo, DSL


       Lucy Cook - Deputy / ENCo / Pre-School Leader 

     (Maternity Leave)



   The Admin Team

    Tanya Sewell - Office Manager     

    Jeanette Freeman-Smith - Office Assistant






                Mrs Barber - Consultant Headteacher

                Mrs Marsh - Consultant Early Years Advisor




         Hospitality Team

               Raigan Barnes - Lunch time

               Sue Carless - Tea time

       Baby Room             Toddler Room             Pre-School Room                Club

Chloe W                       Rebecca W                      Lucy C (mat leave)                      Sascha

Eleanor                        Rebecca E                       Stephanie B (mat cover)             Aaron

Lucy B                          Nicola                             Chloe F                                       Ashlie

            Tracey                         Marissa                           Zanne                                          Izzy

             Lisa                             Rebecca G                       Joanne 

                                                Yasmin                            Sarah